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Get It Right the First Time 
with our Guide to 3D Printing

Introducing the
Stratasys F120.

The Alternative that
Checks All the Boxes

“Some people say 3D printing takes jobs away from mold companies. But here at Swany, 3D printing is creating jobs in both fields.”

— Yoshihiro Hashizume, President, Swany Co. Ltd.

The New Shape of Manufacturing

“We are ready to target the top end of the global market. The Objet Eden260V from Stratasys will be key in helping the company to achieve this goal.”

— Toshimasa Aso, CEO, ASO International, Inc.

A smarter, faster way to produce tools, jigs & fixtures, and final parts.

28 Page Comprehensive Guide On Selecting 3D Printing Solution

Here is how it can help in your business.

3D Print Parts Layer By Layer

By reading digital CAD data, high quality parts are printed by adding material layer-by-layer to form the shape.

Prototype and Production

Depending on the part size, you can 3D print your prototype for functional testing or production parts for practical uses at the same time.

Improve Manufacturing Process

Innovate your business process through 3D printing by keeping inventory files digital. Mass customize your end-product without worrying about quantity.

What the users said about the industrial grade 3D printing solution.

Improve My Business


Plug-and-print performance

The F120 builds off the award-wining F123™ Series platform with proven consistent, repeatable results with easy plug-and-print performance. Constant temperature control means parts come out of the printer as-designed – no curling or warping.
Temperature control also means parts can be printed with high density that is much closer to molded or machined parts which can be functionally tested for design verification.


Finally. Affordable Industrial-grade 3D Printing.

The Stratasys F120™ 3D printer provides industrial grade printing capability in a smaller, lower-cost solution.

Fortunately, you don’t have to trade great performance for price. Affordability, ease of use and professional results are available in the same package. The Stratasys F120™ 3D printer provides industrial grade printing capability in a smaller, lower-cost solution.


Precision on every part

Accuracy is one of the areas where the F120 really shines. It leverages decades long history of FDM® development and refinement, so it’s able to produce parts with an accuracy of +/- 0.008 in. or +/- 0.002 in./ in., whichever is greater, and a Z-height tolerance of -0.000/+slice height. With the F120, you’ll know your part will accurately mirror the dimensions of your CAD model, regardless of how many parts you need to print.


Fast time to part

Quality results are great but it doesn’t help if getting there is a frustrating, time-consuming process. The F120 uses GrabCAD Print™ software, the quickest, easiest way to go directly from native CAD to 3D print. Once your CAD model is finished, it’s as easy as hitting the “print” button. Material changes take only minutes to change the two spools. The F120’s clean, superquiet performance is perfectly suited for the office or wherever you work, for quick, easy access to your printed parts.


It just works 24/7

To achieve your goals, you need dependable tools with trouble-free reliability. That’s the sweet spot for the F120. It just works. Run your print job overnight with peace of mind and fill the tray with as many parts as you need. You’ll have the results you want in the morning.
That’s the measure of dependability. With the material capacity for up to 250 hours of uninterrupted operation, print a few prototypes or print to scale. Whatever your requirements, the F120 delivers consistent, reliable performance.